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Work Momentum

Work Momentum

Chiropractic for office or manual workers as well as for work-related accidents (CNESST) or road accidents (SAAQ).

Our chiropractors are trained to take care of injuries related to work accidents (CNESST) or road accidents (SAAQ) with a medical prescription.

The first step is to obtain a prescription from a physician for chiropractic care following your injury. After that, you just need to contact us and our assistants will be happy to organize everything for you and explain the process to start your recovery.

Many of our patients are office workers or manual laborers. Prolonged postures, repetitive movements, exposure to sitting or vibration are risk factors for developing pain or discomfort in the nerves, joints, muscles, etc.

Our chiropractors are trained to evaluate and manage these conditions. Most of the time a combination of manual therapy in the clinic, exercises and ergonomic advice to reduce or vary the load imposed on the structures is the key to not only relieving the pain, but also to prevent these problems from recurring in the future.

It is not always necessary to wait for the onset of symptoms before seeking help. If you are exposed to the types of activities described above, these body dysfunctions may have already begun without causing you any pain at this time. A preventive visit with one of our chiropractors could help you find them and put strategies in place to avoid future problems.

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