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We give children plenty of room to express themselves, play and grow in vitality. Trained in pediatrics and chiropractic obstetrics.

Baby and child

We give children plenty of room to express themselves, to play and to grow in all vitality. Trained in pediatrics and chiropractic obstetrics, we have the knowledge to follow and care for them throughout their growth.

Did you know that the first system to form in your unborn baby is the nervous system?

In fact, the nervous system is formed as early as the first 8 weeks of gestation, your unborn baby will have completed the organization of its brain and the entire network of nerves. The nervous system will guide the organization of the cells and the growth of all the organs of the body, it is a system of primary importance for the human body.

As the nervous system is intimately linked to the spine, the doctor of chiropractic can detect interferences often ignored The chiropractor can also correct them to ensure that your child's nervous system is functioning at its full potential. Many parents decide to do a preventive chiropractic follow-up for their children to ensure their optimal development!

Birth of your baby

The event most likely to cause subluxations is without a doubt the birth process itself. Even a so-called normal delivery puts a tremendous amount of pressure and torsion on your newborn's spine. There are also important neuromotor developmental milestones in the first 18 months. That's why it's important to have your baby examined by a chiropractor right after birth so that your baby can benefit from an optimal level of growth and development.

Your child's growth

As children grow, there are many opportunities to create stress on their spine. For example, as baby learns to support their heavy head, learns to crawl and then walk, these tasks are often accompanied by multiple falls affecting baby's spine and other joints. Not to mention that they are active: jumping, running, tumbling, falling, etc. Make sure your child keeps regular appointments, just as you do with your dentist.

Also be aware of backpacks, growth spurts and poor posture, especially with new technology (tablets and such). Have your child checked by a chiropractor throughout their life.

Gentle, safe and effective care for children

Certainly, the techniques used for newborns or children are different from those used for adults. The adjustments are adapted to the size, maturity and problem of the spine. The adjustment will be done gently for your child's comfort.

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Experience a happy and painless pregnancy with a natural health follow-up by chiropractic.

Pregnancy follow-up

Pregnancy is a happy stage that is accompanied by significant physical changes in the pregnant woman. First of all, the additional weight load on the abdomen, in a short period of time, contributes to a considerable increase in stress on the joints of the lower back and pelvic bones. In addition, hormonal changes will increase the laxity of the ligaments (especially those of the pelvis), which is necessary for childbirth.

However, greater joint elasticity often translates into greater instability and vulnerability to injury during the same activities. Both of these factors can lead to discomfort and pain for the mother-to-be during her pregnancy. Chiropractic is therefore an alternative of choice to relieve these discomforts in a natural way and without the use of drugs.

Safe and adapted care for pregnant women

Chiropractic adjustments are safe for the mother and the fetus. Different techniques are used to make chiropractic care gentle and comfortable for the pregnant woman and her baby. The use of special tables or maternity pillows specially designed for chiropractic care makes the chiropractic experience all the more pleasant and beneficial.

Stay active during pregnancy and after delivery

Contrary to popular belief, exercise does not increase the risk of miscarriage, smaller babies or neonatal complications. In addition, moderate-intensity physical activity during lactation does not affect milk quantity or composition. (Source: Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada).

On the contrary, it is recommended to move at the same pace (during the first trimester) or with a lower intensity for the rest of the pregnancy. Ask your doctor of chiropractic about modifying certain exercises and adapting your physical activities to keep your training safe. By staying active, you avoid increased fatigue, excessive weight gain (especially in late pregnancy), risk of back pain, gestational diabetes and hypertension. You'll have a better chance of recovering after delivery.

For more sedentary women, now is not the time to start a new sport activity! Choose regular walking and stretching classes to keep a minimum of physical fitness. There are many classes adapted for pregnant women: aquafitness, prenatal yoga, adapted aerobics classes, etc.

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