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First visit

It is important to do a complete evaluation of your health condition in order to target the origin of your health problem, establish an accurate diagnosis and then have the right treatment protocol to treat you well.

The initial comprehensive examination includes:

  • Questionnaire on the reasons for consultation
  • Review of general health
  • Physical examination and postural analysis
  • Neurological, biomechanical and orthopedic examination
  • On-site radiology
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Next, you will be asked to choose the type of care you desire. Regardless of your choice, the treatment plan will include progress reviews to assess your health and adjust the protocol according to your needs and the change in your health condition.

The steps of care

  1. Evaluation of your condition and general health
  2. Complete physical examination (Orthopedic, functional, neurological and postural)
  3. Taking of digital X-rays if necessary
  4. Explanation of diagnosis and treatment options
  5. Chiropractic care and evaluation of the evolution of the condition
  6. Follow-up and maintenance of skills
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File opening

Admission questionnaire

Health form

Child (0-10 years)


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