About us

Our mission

Momentum Chiropractic offers an integrated chiropractic experience based on the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits and self-improvement

Our 3 spheres of action

Surpassing oneself

Surpassing oneself and excelling in a field (especially in physical activity) depends on a person's willingness to accept that the small details make all the difference.

By being a partner with the same goal as the patient, Momentum gains a lot of credibility and confidence with its clients.

Going above and beyond also means thinking outside the box. Through its alternative practice, its collaboration with other specialists (physiotherapist, occupational therapist, kinesiologist, physician, acupuncturist, nutritionist, podiatrist, etc.), and its involvement in its region, Momentum is the epitome of going above and beyond.

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Integrated Chiropractic Experience

At Momentum, the patient is at the heart of the experience; taking a holistic view, Momentum refers each patient to the most appropriate specialty for their needs.

Through the trust established with its clientele, Momentum has a privileged relationship with the community, allowing it to better accompany its patients in achieving their goals.

Anchored in a culture of innovation, Momentum aims to create a cutting-edge experience that highlights the best practices and technologies in the industry.

Our global health approach integrates all relevant complementary practices to better serve the common interests of our clients and practitioners.

Promotion of healthy lifestyle habits

Habits have a considerable impact on the quality of life.  By their recurrence, habits generate a very high level of commitment and results. Momentum promotes regular follow-up for the modification and adoption of healthy lifestyle habits.

Through regular meetings, Momentum's approach is based on a coaching program that aims to prevent injuries and optimize performance.

In its practice, Momentum advocates the transfer of knowledge by influencing all facets of life.

By maintaining healthy lifestyle habits, the individual predisposes himself to better overall health.

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Mentions and distinctions

Quebec Business Women's Network

Winner of the Business Start-up Award (2007)

Awarded to the company less than 4 years old that has distinguished itself the most in the West Island of Montreal.

Ovations Vaudreuil-Soulanges Contest

Finalist in the category SME - Services to individuals (2014)
Finalist in the Micro-Enterprise category (2012)
Finalist in the Commercial and Services category (2009)

Small business section: for the quality of its customer service.

Winner of the Coup de chapeau award (2009)

Awarded among all the entrepreneurs of the region, to the business that has distinguished itself the most in its field for the quality of its service, its dedication and its involvement in the community. An encouragement to continue its positive actions.