Dre Françoise Noël de Tilly


Dr. Noël de Tilly is passionate about her profession and all the health potential it can offer. Her master's studies in human nutrition and functional medicine are in continuity with the chiropractic philosophy that envisions and evaluates all the factors that can interfere with your neuro-vertebral health and your overall health; that is biomechanics, biochemistry and emotions. After identifying the various irritants, Dr. Noël de Tilly will use manipulations (chiropractic adjustments, muscular work and stimulation of point reflexes), nutritional and lifestyle advice, exercises and sometimes the recommendation of various supplements to guide you to an optimal health.




  • Doctorate in chiropractic from the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières in 2001

  • Member of the Order of Chiropractors of Quebec

  • Radiology license

  • Applied Kinesiology training(100 hours)

  • More than 200 hours of training in applied kinesiology (nutrition / biochemistry, pregnancy-pediatrics, Quintessential Application)

  • Training in sacro-occipital technique (S.O.T)

  • Pediatric Training Courses of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

  • Significant interest Functional Medicine and Human Nutrition, University of Western States, Portland, Oregon

  • Practice in the region since 2002

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