Baby and Infant

The health of our children, our future generation.

Did you know that the first system to form in your baby future is the nervous system?
Indeed, during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, your unborn baby has completed the organization of the brain and the entire network of nerves. The nervous system will guide the organization of the cells and the growth of all body organs. As the nervous system is intimately related to the spine, the chiropractic doctor can detect interference often ignored so-called vertebral subluxations. The chiropractor may also correct and thus ensure that your child has a nervous system that works to it's full potential. Many parents decide to make a preventive monitoring of chiropractic for their children to ensure their optimum development!
Have your baby examined from birth
The event most likely to cause subluxations is undoubtedly the birth process itself. Even so-called normal childbirth puts an enormous amount of pressure and twisting column of your newborn. There are also important steps in the neuro-motor development in the first 18 months. That is why it is important to have you baby by a chiropractor from birth so that the baby can enjoy a level of growth and optimal development.
During the child's growth
Gradually, as children grow, the opportunities to create stress on their spine are numerous. For example, when baby learns to sustain its heavy head, learning to crawl and then to walk, these tasks are often accompanied by multiple falls affecting the spine and other baby joints. Besides they are active: jumping, running, flips, falls, etc.
Ensure that your child does not keep any ill effect with regular appointments, just as you do with your dentist! Also watch the backpacks, the growth spurts and bad posture, especially with new technologies (tablets and other). Have your children checked by a chiropractor all throughout their life.
Gentle care, safe and effective for children.
It is certain that the techniques used for infants or children differ from adult techniques. The adjustments are adapted to the size, maturity, and the problem of the spine. The adjustment is done with gentleness for the comfort of your child.
Management of falls with quick x-ray for your children
It is important to have someone evaluate traumatic injuries because the growth plates are still not closed and that put them at risk (with long-term consequences if injuries are neglected while they are young).