Our 3 Areas of Action


Self Exceed

Exceed and excel in one area (especially in sports) depends on the willingness of a person to accept that small details make all the difference.


Itself as a partner that seeks the same goal as his patient, Momentum gains enormously in credibility and trust with its customers.


Excel also means thinking outside the box. By its alternative practice, collaboration with other specialists and its involvement in the region, Momentum is an example of exceeding.

Integrated Chiropractic Experience

At Momentum, the patient is at the heart of the experience.


Posing a holistic look, Momentum refers each patient to the most appropriate specialty for their needs.


For the relationship of trust established with its customers, Momentum has a special relationship with the community, enabling it to better support patients in achieving their objectives.


Our overall health approach integrates all relevant complementary practices to better serve the common interests, especially those of our patients than our doctors.


Anchored in a culture of innovation, Momentum wants to create a pioneering experience highlighting best practices and industry technologies.

Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles

Habits have a significant impact on quality of life.


By their recurrences, habits generate a very high level of commitments (ie .: visit frequency).


Through regular visits, Momentum registered in his approach to coaching both injury prevention and performance optimization over time (Momentum generates results).


In his practice, Momentum promotes knowledge transfer influencing all aspects of life.


By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, predisposes the individual to better overall health.

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